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The Griffin family, who live in Quahog, Rhode Island on Spooner Street, consists of six members. Peter Griffin, the Homer Simpson-esque (Fat, Idiotic) type character, is the father and whom the show usually revolves around. Lois Griffin is a housewife and is the one who basically takes care of the whole family. Meg Griffin is the 16 year old daughter who tries her best to fit in high school, but is usually made fun of. Chris Griffin is the 13 year old son who usually spends time in his room drawing or being tormented by the evil monkey living in his closet. Stewie Griffin, the talking baby that everyone understands, is usually occupied by making plans to take over the world or plotting to kill his mother. The last member of the family is Brian Griffin, the talking dog who likes his liquor, is Peter's best friend and is usually the voice of reasoning.

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